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iTunes Podcast Creator

a simple podcasting service for RSS, iTunes, & any other RSS Player

How to Install


Last Modified: February 11, 2017

Finally available on the most advanced blogging CMS around, I would like to introduce to you iTunes Podcast Creator Version 1.0! I was able use some of the code recipes I had to create something more useful for audio journalists, news reporters, content creators, and podcast speakers. Using the power of PHP (mostly) I was able to use the already imported audio files from blog posts and put them into a podcast for iTunes to use. It's actually really advanced! Just upload the ZIP, and Activate and you're half way there!

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  • iTunes-Ready RSS URL for Podcast Feed
  • Keep your backup on your own Web Hosting
  • Editable Podcast Fields (Name, Description, Explicit?)
  • Audio Detection of Audio File in Blog Posts
  • Create Podcast by Category, or Album



  • Set Channel Title
  • Set Channel Author
  • Set Channel Image
  • Set Channel Summary
  • Set Channel Subtitle
  • Set Category
  • Set Explicit

Per Track

  • subtitle
  • summary


How to Install

  1. Open wp-content/plugins Folder
  2. Put: Folder: itunes-podcast-creator
  3. Activate iTunes Podcast Creator Plugin
  4. Go to WP-Admin -> Podcast Creator to configure the plugin.


  1. Now if you visit the root page that contains your posts and add ?feed=listen to the end of your URL


Coming Up in Version 2!

  • Built-in Audio Player
  • Step-by-Step Directions for iTunes Submittion
  • Artwork Uploading for Albums
  • Artwork Uploading for Songs
Written by abe
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