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iOS Featured Post Slider

a responsive iOS featured slider

How to Install


Last Modified: February 11, 2017

The Only iOS Featured Post Slider you'll ever need for your website — Introducing BonoboSlider for WordPress. We put this together to make slider organization a breeze allowing you to have multiple different sliders, on multiple different pages.

In Version 1.1

-[Added] ability to remove jQuery from loading twice (if already loaded from other plugins)


Basic ($50)

  • numbers = 5
  • category = [empty]
  • post_type = post
  • orderby = date
  • numbers = 5
  • category = [empty]
  • post_type = product, events, authors, pages, users, any
  • orderby = date, rand, dsc, asc

Elite ($150)

  • Everything Above Plus +2 Hours of Web Consultation from the Developer

Elite ($250)

  • Everything Above Plus +4 Hours of Web Consultation from the Developer


How to Use:

Use shortcodes to show different types of sliders on your site.

5 Featured Posts in Home Category


10 Featured Posts in Videos Category


23 Shirt Posts with Product Post Type


How to Install

  1. Open wp-content/plugins Folder
  2. Put: Folder: ios-featured-post-slider
  3. Activate iOS Featured Post Slider Plugin
  4. Go to WP-Admin -> iosSlider to configure the plugin.


  1. Open wp-content/themes/<YOUR THEME NAME>/index.php
  2. You may place it in archive.php, single.php, post.php or page.php also.
  3. Find a place to put the shortcode with PHP: <?php do_shortcode('
    '); ?>
  4. Or go into any post or page and add this to the post content textarea:
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