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Paid Dues Music Festival

Manage the VIP PhotoBooth and General Admission Photobooth for a festival with over +23,000 attendees.


by abe 25 Sep 2015

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The objective of the photo team for the Paid Dues Music Festival was to create a fun environment for the festival attendees to entice them to take photos for the Guerilla Union website & social media accounts. Prior to opening day, our team was tasked with brainstorming possibilities for props, while paying attention to budget costs. On opening day, before the festival attendees arrive, our team was to arrive early at Paid Dues Festival to setup the two photo booths on-location — one for General Admission, and one VIP Guests. During the festival, we were to organize when the 'runner' should go to each of the booths to take the full memory cards to the processing center where they will finalize, select, crop, and upload the photos onto the Paid Dues & Guerilla Union social media accounts. The goal was to be able to upload the photos quick enough to be public within the hour.


Prop Design
-designed the style of the photo shoots and choose which props would fit well with the demographic
-created 30 Prop Masks from my own expense to use in the photo shoots


Media Management
-worked with the team to make an assembly line of memory card downloading onto computers, and into department harddrives.
-utilized Actions in Photoshop to automate sorting and labeling of finished photos.
-troubleshoot problems that occurred on-location with computers


VIP Photographer
-utilized lighting, backdrops, and props to 'Capture the Moment' for the attendees-distributed Paid Dues business cards with links to the uploaded photos
-gave constructive criticism about how to fix photo shoot problem (as the day went on, the sun was no longer above us, but horizontal to us, and thus created a heavy shadow appearing in the photos, after learning of the situation, I insisted in moving the canopy so that the sun was behind the backdrops. Then with a rise in ISO you now have an evenly-shaded photo with no obscurities)


Stage Grip
-early morning, setup shop at the festival at an early CALL TIME.-helped move crates of drinks from stage lot to vender locations
-helped setup the General Admission & VIP Photobooth Areas


Despite all of this, great to see that Paid Dues  did make some headlines:

People caught smoking a joint on screen when the camera cut to crowd shots: 1

Red cups thrown at Macklemore: 2

Black Hippy members forgotten by Paid Dues' host when naming them: 1 (It was Jay Rock. Yes, the stage MC was immediately corrected and he tried to pass it off)

Times Tech N9ne asked the crowd to "show those titties": 7

Breasts shown during Tech N9ne's show: 9 (1 girl half-flashed)

Girls who got up on shoulders but wisely refused to flash Tech N9ne & thousands of strangers: 2

Freaky contacts worn: 1 pair by Hopsin

Times Jean Grae berated her audience for their lackluster energy: 7

Air horn soundings during Trinidad James' set: 23

Joint hits a girl traded for a free water bottle from a festival worker: 4

People smoking a bong on the festival grounds: 3

Times Freddie Gibbs shouted "f-ck police": 17

Delicious nachos sadly crushed underfoot: 3

Irish flags projected on the digital screen during a set: 1 (Macklemore flew one during "Irish Celebration")

Locals shouting "Elll-Ayyy" back at Joey Bada$$ when he chanted "Brook-lyn!": 17

Bob Marley t-shirts spotted: 33

Air Jordans worn: 2000-3000

Air Jordans covered in dust by the end of the day: 2000-3000

People wearing marijuana-related t-shirts: 1000-2000

"Don't Mess with Texas" t-shirts spotted: 1


Finish the rest on FuzeTV  :Paid Dues

Written by abe
I write about Web Development, Graphic Design, & Take Photos from Time to Time
Bonoboville: unscene_us
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