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1 Jan 2017

Website Design for Multi Language Users

To convert this into a translatable text area you need to replace every English string and wrap it with Read More

8 Aug 2016

Bonoboville Social

Run by BonoboDesigns, with special thanks to Susan Block, Maximilian L., Luzer, Biz, Gonzo, Del Rey, and Ono.

2 Feb 2016

How to properly encode fonts glyphs inside SASS or SCSS files

It all started when I was running multiple SCSS enabled projects, that were each led by me so encoding font Read More

12 Dec 2015

Top Browser Detection Snippets for 2016

How to detect if a visitor is using a specific type of browser, OS, or Game Console.   SmartTV

Read More

9 Sep 2015

Paid Dues Music Festival

Manage the VIP PhotoBooth and General Admission Photobooth for a festival with over +23,000 attendees.

8 Aug 2015

HLA Center

7 Jul 2015

Trustd Collective

a premiere clothing brand focused on cut-n-sew

7 Jul 2015

The Reality PIs

4 Apr 2015

Using Sass to Create Linear-Gradients

Hey guys. Here’s another addition to my 10 part series on all “Modern Web Development Languages” that I started putting Read More

2 Feb 2015

Using WordPress for a Mixtape Website

About a week ago I launched my plugin Podcast Creator so that I can help alleviate some of the stress Read More

2 Feb 2015

Without You

2 Feb 2015

Something Special

2 Feb 2015

So Into You

2 Feb 2015

Next 2 You

2 Feb 2015

Hold On’

2 Feb 2015

Integrating Affiliate Networks onto a Multi Level Site

The other day, when I was researching for a pay per view site I was commissioned for, I noticed that Read More

9 Sep 2014

Blo Blow Dry Bar

Blo me Dry is the first of it’s kind.

1 Jan 2012

Push Ent. Mixtape Release Party

Check out one of my first attempts at doing 3D for an event flyer for Kaliq Scott and Push Ent’s Mixtape Release Party. Pretty dope working with these cats, but no doubt they’re on a league of their own.

1 Jan 2012

Logo design for DJ MeDisko

Electronic music influenced logo design for music entrepreneur MeDisko. Everythign is created on Photoshop, including text, and speaker box for the letter “O”. Must-see design.