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With 6 years of experience in marketing and advertising,


My creative interest in graphic design has led me to attract the attract the likes of many other creatives who also understand the game. When it comes to E-Commerce sites, Integradable WordPress Sites, Blog Sites, or Portfolio Sites, I can customize it for you to help your vision come to life. I’ve worked to create websites for people in education, fashion, entertainment, and even healthcare industry. There isn’t a demographic I can’t fine-tune, because in all honesty, I am right in the middle of it.




Web Design

Need a webpage to showcase your latest work? Or need to update some of the mess left by an old designer? Let me know what your goals are and we can start from theres!

Online Stores

Need to create a shopping cart to sell your products online? Big or small, I can set your company up with Paypal and get your customers ready to purchase your goods online.

Graphic Design

Whether you just need a simple online banner, or a full fledged ad campaign that expands multiple banners and ad locations. Graphic Design is my cup of tea.


Having been in the business for a while, I've kept partnerships that will help my clients move forward. Let Mila© print your next flyer, banner, or business card.


We all know that how to take 'candid' shots with our phone, but without an understanding of where the photos will end up, you could end up with 'pixelated' photos. Not Fun.

Photo Touchups

Nobody's perfect, we all know that, but there are times when just need a little confidence boost. That's where I come in and remove that pesky pimple from your nose.


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No but really — if you want to be taken seriously as a client, you have to take my coffee drinking habit seriously too. Because if I could put in the extra hours of work with cups of coffee now, then you can expect more cups of coffee later.

Hate waiting? Get in touch with me at or call/text (626)722-****

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